These People Just Don't Know When To Stop Tanning!

1. Supposed to be Golden Goddess but she stayed out too long in the sun.

2. Mom 's face has the same color as her daughter's hair.

3.Her platinum hair does not go well with her brown skin.

4. Did she leave her mudpack on?

5. These guys don't know how to tan properly.

6. Overdoing it has never worked with tanning.

7. Christina Aguilera's face and neck were clearly darker than her chest.

8. All he need is hair to cover him from head to toe and he's a fine specimen for a monkey.

9. Is she aiming for a golden tan or a black tone?

10. Paris Hilton might have dozed off the whole day under the sun.

11. That's not golden - that's mahogany!

12. Did she wear turtleneck top when she tanned herself?

13. The white skin around her eyes looked creepy.

14. Would you believe that she's the mother of those boys?

15. Aren't the studs and the eye makeup enough? Must she botch the tan too?


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