See Now: Why This Mother Killed Her One Year Old Son Will Give You Chills

Meet her son Zymeir Perry who was victim of this insane act!

Shocked witness described how Perry had taken her child out of the stroller then allegedly threw him over the Hamilton Street Bridge. Zymeir was found 700 yards downstream from the bridge in Allentown, Pennsylvania, after the botched murder-suicide bid on May 3.

Perry was reported to have a long history of mental illness.
Public defender Kimberly Makoul said Perry has had 'severe and substantial mental infirmities' — including paranoid schizophrenia and delusional disorder — since she was a teenager.

We hope justice prevails.

Now she is appealing to court for her insanity. Wait this incident doesnot end here, there are many hidden aspects behind this insanity.


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