See Now: A Mom Lost Her Baby At 20 Weeks But What She Has To Say Will Surely Touch Your Heart

Naomi Anselmo from Moscow, Idaho was 20 weeks along the family way when she lost her would-be son on May 20.

She was heartbroken to find out that her son had a chromosomal abnormality that prevented him from growing to full-term. At 20-weeks, the little angel’s brief life ended and Naomi was only left to deliver his tiny, lifeless body.

But a couple of months after she lost her son, she posted this on Facebook as a tribute to her baby. Along with the post is a picture of her child’s remains.

“I’ve gone back and forth for the past week or so about whether I wanted to post this. The courage I’ve seen in my friends to share difficult stories and to open themselves up to the fury of Facebook friends and strangers alike has been emboldening.”

“This is a picture of my #AnotherBoy. 20 weeks old – though the chromosomal abnormality that took his life also prevented him from growing larger than a 15 week old baby.

For the past two months, I’ve felt the pain – emotional and physical – of having lost him. When I went to the hospital to deliver him, I was assigned two nurses whose only job that evening was to care for me: the one single grieving mother in Labor & Delivery.

I was put at the end of the hall so my heart wouldn’t be burdened by the cries of the other loudly living babies. When it was time for him to be born, the doctor didn’t dare pull him out as she normally might have. She held out her hands to catch him gently.

The nurses carried him gently; washed him gently; wrapped him gently; were careful not to tear his fragile skin or bend his tiny fingers – not because they were handling a viable commodity, but because they were preparing a small Anselmo for burial, and not a fingernail was to be disturbed.

He had died days earlier, and yet everyone knew: this little person deserves honor, even though he is past the point of feeling or being aware of his own treatment.

To such as this stunted little covenant child who most likely had mental retardation – to such as him belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

The baby she lost was supposed to be her fourth child. Naomi has 3 older children, a firstborn son and two younger daughters.

What made me cry was these lines:

“His value didn’t come from the fact that he was wanted, or that he would have been brought home to a warm home, loving family, full fridge, and given a rich education and adequate medical care.

His value came from the image he bore: of the God who took time out of His busy schedule of whisking up typhoons and composing “Indian Bullfrog Symphony no. 7,954,638,067 in G Major” to say “hang on, I’ve just gotta make another one. This one will be short, yet beautiful: I think I’ll leave off a chromosome this time.”

We may not always be able to make sense of the bad things that happen in this world. Down here on earth, we have such a limited view.

And that’s where faith comes in. Faith that our Heavenly Father above us can see a much bigger picture than we can. He sees our pain and suffering, and has plans for us. He can and will use everything for a greater purpose. We just need to hold on to our faith, and trust in He who can do all things.”


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