See Now: His Girlfriend Convinced Him To Commit Suicide, What Police Found Is Shocking

Instead of bringing him out of depression, she provoked him more about committing suicide, police found the whole conversation which happened moments before Conrad's death. See by yourself what she did, this is something disgraceful to do for your love. Police charged her for encouraging boyfriend’s suicide. After she was charged for this incident her Twitter account disappeared. You can still see some of it using The Internet Archive. You can download the original court document with the whole transcript between Michelle and Conrad from here [pdf]. Please share #JusticeForConrad hashtag, so maybe one day Conrad’s Law will be put in the books. If someone is crying out for help, you should be obligated to help, as a human being and by the power of law. If you or your close ones are thinking about suicide, please read Suicide Help or call 1-800-273-TALK in the United States!
She encouraged her boyfriend to take his life then raised money for his death.
When the allegations of involuntary manslaughter were laid out, her Twitter account disappeared.

This is what she told Conrad, read and you will know why Conrad committed suicide.

Conrad was scared of committing suicide but she was clever enough to provoke him to do so!

See their conversation, no one can ever do this to their love!

After Conrad’s suicide, she texted his sister to know where his boyfriend is, after that she even texted his mom.
She was smart enough to hide that she already know everything about this incident.

This is the conversation between Carter and Conrad's sister and mom!

Conrad was found dead in his car, he died from carbon monoxide poisoning, there was a gasoline-operated water pump in the rear seat.

When she was accused of this case, she quoted this in court!
She instantly changed her statement and tried to hide the truth!

This is what she posted on her Facebook after Cornad's death!
That's quite remarkable she claimed to save lives of other people where she was the sole reason why Cornad committed suicide!

She not only posted about Conrad’s passing, but started a fundraising baseball tournament in Conrad’s memory.
There we go! She started raising funds on his behalf!

This is the first time such a case has ever been tried worldwide. She’s now 18 and is being prosecuted as an adult, charged with involuntary manslaughter.
Rest in peace Conrad.


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