See Now: Gym: Expectations Vs Reality (8 Photos)

#1 Guys Join Gyms

This could be the reason why statistics show that more guy's join up than women..

#2 Yoga Poses

Working hard at yoga rarely looks peaceful. . . Or else it wouldn't be "working hard".

#3 Looking Buff?

Some gym's don't install mirrors. . . Do you think this is why?

#4 Running

Right! Sometimes we wish we could just do "virtual running", we look so much better.

#5 Looking Good?

BUT does the buff guy REALLY look good? Does he even look human?

#6 Similar In Joyfulness

The only "closeness" here is that watching sports and eating cheetos brings joy, like when running on a beautiful beach.

#7 The Size Of HIS Head

What you think you look like is only in your head, that's why perhaps it's big?

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