See Now: Girl Observed Something On Her Aunt's Skin And What Came Out Will Seriously Shock You

Only a pair of needles and tweezers were used in the removal of this ugly dark zit.

No visit to the dermatologist or no high tech equipment!

Tiny on the outside, but pretty big inside!
Once the girl starts piercing into the dark zit, she noticed that although it appeared tiny on the outside, it was pretty deep inside.

With the help of the end of the needle, she noticed that there were ingrown hair inside the zit as well.

With the help of the tweezers, the mass was squeezed out.
The cringe level in the room increased as a part of the mass was taken out.

After the 20-year-old zit was removed, a marble sized mass of ingrown hair and ugly material also came out.
A gaping hole was left in the skin of the back after it was removed.


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