See Now: Criminal Charges Upgraded For The Rapper Who Allegedly Beat His 15-Year-Old Girl To A Pulp

#1 Viral Attack

#2 28 Dating 15 Year Old

According to social media, 15-year-old Kanya Woodard was allegedly beaten up by her much older boyfriend. The boyfriend, who is 28, allegedly lied about his age upon the time of their initial connection.

#3 Rapper From Chicago

The man that supposedly did this to Woodard, is a rapper from Chicago. Several memes that are circulating the news waves, claim that he told her he was only 19-years-old. In the caption, the teen girl allegedly moved in with dude and soon after he almost tried to kill her.

#4 Whose To Blame?

The viral photos have sparked a lot of controversial opinions from people. Some seem to be more concerned with her well-being, some are wondering why police are not involved, while others are claiming her parents were at fault for letting a 15-year-old date a much older man. Many commentators speculate that Kylie Jenner is to blame.


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