See Now: 29 Genius Fashion Hacks That You Probably Did Not Know

#1 Use a U pin or a paper clip to keep your bra straps from peeking out of your tank top.

#2 Freeze your new pair of shoes with a bag of water in them to gently stretch them.

#3 Holding the zipper up with a key ring and putting it around the fly, will prevent the zipper opening on its own.

#4 Stroking the disposable razor on your denim jeans in one direction (going upwards) will increase the razor’s life and sharpness.

#5 Use a U-pin or a paper clip to keep the tail of the tie in place.

#6 Tighten your pair of sunglasses with a dab of clear nail polish.

#7 Placing dry tea bags and stuffing newspaper in shoes will get rid of unpleasant odours and moisture.

#8 Rubbing a lip balm or a pencil graphite will temporarily mend a jammed zipper.

#9 Use baby wipes to get rid of deodorant stains on your clothes.

#10 Spray some hairspray or use clear nail polish on your pantyhose/stockings to avoid holes and run ins.

#11 You can turn a pair of tights or leggings into a crop top by cutting a small circle or a triangle (depending on the shape of the neckline you want) on the crotch of the leggings.

#12 Use a razor to get rid of lint on woollens.

#13 For a quick shine, use oil on leather shoes.

#14 To make the collar of a shirt crisp, hang it on a hanger with its top button closed.

#15 Un-shrink a garment by soaking it in water with a few tablespoons of hair conditioner for 5 minutes. Then lay it it on a towel and allow it to dry.

#16 Temporarily fix the poking under-wire of a bra by sealing it with a small piece of panty liner.

#17 Wrap one strap of the strapless bra around your waist below the cups of the bra and attach it to the other loop to prevent it from slipping.

#18 Fold your blazer/suit inside out for less wrinkles.

#19 Use fabric softener and vinegar spray on clothes to get rid of wrinkles.

#20 To get rid of ink stains on clothes, dab some alcohol or hand sanitizer and then wash it with soap and water.

#21 Another way to get rid of lints on garments is to wrap a cello tape on your hand (glue side on the outside) and pat the garment.

#22 Use different (but appropriate) laces for shoes to give them a new look.

#23 Get your jeans damp or sit in a tub while wearing them to loosen them.

#24 Coating canvas shoes with beeswax will waterproof them.

#25 Remove oil stains on clothes by sprinkling baby powder on them.

#26 Dabbing a tiny bit of moisturiser on leather will get rid of scratches.

#27 Wrap the waist of the pant around your neck (make sure the sides don’t overlap but meet perfectly) to make sure it fits perfectly.

#28 Get make up off your clothes with baby wipes or hairspray for lipstick stains.

#29 While travelling, use a shower cap to keep footwear in order to avoid getting your clothes dirty.


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