See Now: 20 Things You See Every Day in Dubai. Seriously, An ATM for Gold!

They don't ride horses, they ride Lions. Weird.

Everyone drives sports car in Dubai?

This Camel Rice with a robots. When are you betting?

Taking your Pet for a drive.

So Many turtles one on one. This pic isn't seen by animal lovers or what?

Seen this for the first time, two jeeps in One. It will sure be a wild ride.

Culture clashes.

Paddle boarders who stand.

Lamborghini Police Cars.

Texting and taking Pets out for a drive.

You should stay away.

Now, there will be no traffic jams.

Pets on the boats.

ATM is spitting out gold.

Bikes which will stun everyone.

Tennis Courts at thrilling heights.

No breaking the rules.

Free Food for poor

Don't mess with the Cops.

You will not like to mess with this car's owner.


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