See Now: 15 Mind Blowing Facts Everyone Should Know About China.

2. Discipline- The Army in China is trained to raise the arms to a proper height.

3. China executes four times more than any other countries combined.

4. Eggs are boiled in the urine of virgin boys and it's a famous ritual to eat it.

5. Google provides free legal download in partnership with biggest record label of the World.

6. Chinese police uses geese instead of police dogs for more aggressiveness and intelligence.

7. Every year in China, nearly 1 million girls are aborted and tens of thousands of girl child are abandoned as the country has one child policy.

8. 30 Million people in China lives in cave homes dwelling on daily labor.

9. China's Air Pollution is so bad that it travels pacific and reaches San Francisco. It is included in 1/3rd of city's pollution.

10. Some Chinese Companies were caught preparing tofu out of sewage.

11. The health effects of air in China is same as breathing 21 cigarettes a day.

12. China's Mao Offered 10 Million Chinese Girls to USA to boost Our Population.

13. Every year four million cats are eaten in China.

14. Shanghai, China holds the award for the traffic jam for longest duration. It ended after 12 days and went upto 62 kms.

15. There is a separate lane for mobile users in China.

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