See Now: 14 Biggest Walmart Fails Of All Time

2. So having a pool party in a parking lot?
That seems like some of your failed occasions.

3. Adults wearing a onesie?
Does that even work?

4. Is Walmart a correct place to find a woman?
Don't think so!

5. What's happening here?
I don't even have words any more!

6. Is it Halloween already?

7. Honestly, nothing can be said here!
I'm simply shocked

8. Crocodile prints?
Didn't work out for you, did it?

9. Coz those shorts? Never gonna make a fashion statement
So better you move on then!

10. Skinny shorts?
Oh My God

11. Homeless men alert

12. And the haircut!
Definitely not!

13. Costumes once again?
Now that sh*t is getting old

14. Dressing it like Elvis
Carrying it like a boss!


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