See Here: This Mother Did Something Extreme To Make Her Daughter Lose Weight

Day for a Queen

Maricar Cabral-Osorio, a nurse based out of a Florida hospital, has seen some pretty gross sights in her line of work, though perhaps nothing as disturbing as when a teenage beauty queen and her mother checked into the ER one night...

Stomach Pain

The young beauty queen complained of extreme abdominal cramping, and doctors initially thought she might be pregnant. An ultrasound ruled out the possibility, leaving the hospital staff perplexed.

Violent Sickness

As hospital staff began to explore other possibilities, the girl continued to cry out in pain. Suddenly, she got up and rushed to the bathroom, vomiting violently.

#3 Strange Discovery

Maricar Cabral-Osorio rushed to the bathroom to check on the girl as she heaved and heaved. What she saw in the toilet shocked her more than anything else she'd ever seen in her days working the ER. Crawling around in the toilet bowl were several full-grown tapeworms, writhing about and trying to get out. Maricar tried to comfort the girl, but was shocked by what she saw.

#4 Parasites

Tapeworms are a form of parasite that gestate inside the body and grow to incredible lengths. They usually enter through undercooked food or as a result of poor sanitation. Most infections occur in developing countries. Tapeworms can cause horrible complications, and can survive inside the human body for years at a time, growing and moving around all the while. When present in the digestive system, abdominal cramps or worms in stool are common.

#5 Fretful Mother

Doctors examined the worms, perplexed as to how they could have wound up in the teen girl's body. She continued to vomit worms, and apparently had no idea how she contracted the parasite. Hospital staff informed the beauty queen's mother of her diagnosis. The mother began to apologize hysterically to her daughter, telling her and doctors that she needed to lose weight before a beauty competition.

The mother confessed to having fed her daughter special "diet pills" that she acquired in Mexico. As it turns out, the pills were loaded with tapeworm eggs, designed to cause extreme weight loss. No criminal charges have been filed against the mother.


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