See Here: This dog has holes in her neck. But what emerges, you’ll never believe.

On one of his normal tours through the city (tours where he tries to rescue stray dogs from the streets), he stumbles upon a little dog, whose case is surely one of the worst he has ever encountered. Just the pictures will make you shake.

The little dog barely reaches up to his knees, but the holes in his neck are gross enough to stick an entire finger inside. Ever day, the dog was doused in boiling hot water, suffering indescribable agony every day.

The inflammation and irritation is some of the worst that he has ever seen. He names the little dog "Anja" and takes her immediately. She must be helped immediately, every minute counts!

The following pictures are hard to endure, this dog had to endure terrible suffering. The only consolation is that a true animal friend is taking care of the little guy.

After arriving at home, Anja is put under anesthesia and falls asleep immediately. Wilson can finally begin with his important work.

Disinfectants are given to Anja, and parts of her fur must be removed. That is the only way to treat the wounds. What Wilson sees is unbelievable.

Afterwards, Anja is treated for fleas and ticks and she is wrapped in bandages. How wonderful that she doesn't experience all of the torture.

When Anja wakes up again, strengthening is on the docket - and indeed with delicious dog food. The little dog's appetite strengthens Wilson's fragile hope!

And then Anja falls asleep for the first time in a safe, dry home on a soft blanket. The wounds have worn her out terribly, but she feels safe and falls asleep immediately. But careful: the next two pictures are hard to look at.

The next day, the wounds are inspected. But the shock: maggots have settled inside the deep wounds. Wilson and his colleague have to remove them carefully.

Disinfectant is applied again and even though it's only been a day, the inflammation has reduced noticeably. Anja is a real fighter!

As a reward for her bravery, the rescuers give Anja more delicious chow. Anja devours the feast immediately. To the last crumb.

Here wounds are treated and washed every day. Even the worst swelling under her jaw begins to decrease.

And then something happens that no one expected: Anja's wounds heal completely. The little fighter is so strong that hardly a scar remains. Only her fur has to grow back.

Wilson adopts the little dog, keeping her until she finds a perfect family. And as you can see, the little rascal has no problem staying with his rescuer for a bit. A real heartfelt rescue effort.

When you find this story just as touching as I did, then share it with all your friends. For the world needs more people like Wilson.


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