See Here: That is the most brilliant trick against wasps ever. All you need is a paper bag!

To rid yourself of these annoying ever-present companions (or to not attract them in the first place), there are a few easy, useful tricks. And the best part? Not a single chemical in sight!

1. Coffee powder
Coffee is known for its strong aroma. Most people just fall in love with the smell while some detest it for the same reason as it is too “strong”. Well, the same goes for wasps. Using a lighter or a matchstick or any flame of your choice, to smoke it up. That smoke should be enough to keep those wasps away.

2. Pennies
Like coffee, when it comes to metals, copper and brass have really strong smells. It is believed that wasps cannot stand the smell of the two metals. Therefore, keeping those pennies around in your house, will definitely keep them away. If it is difficult to find pennies in today’s century then you can also go for copper and brass utensils.

3. No colorful clothing
Colorful clothes attract insects as they are often understood as flowers. Therefore you must avoid wearing colorful clothes and go for more subdued shades to keep the wasps away.

4. Basil
Basil has a very strong smell which often gives even better aroma to our dishes. However, the same aroma is a sign of dislike for the wasps. They will only circle around it and then try and get as far away as possible. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a basil pot in your house.

5. Garlic

Garlic smell is something that even we humans detest. We advise people to brush before stepping out if they’ve had garlic. Similarly even wasps are dead against that pungent smell. Keep a few cloves around you or in your garden area where they usually make their nest will make them go away possibly even in a hunt for a new home.

6. Always cover your food.
Any nice foody smell seems like an invitation for insects, be it ants, cockroaches or wasps! So you must try and keep your food items covered at all times or else will start attracting wasps and spoil your meal time in trying to shoo them away.

7. The paper bag trick.
Now the best and the most fun trick is the paper bag trick. All you have to do is take a brown paper bag and stuff it up with more paper bags or even newspapers. Once you feel its full, seal off the top with a tape. Now it will look like a wasp nest. Hang it wherever there is a major threat of wasps making their nests. They will immediately go as far away from your house as possible as they see another “nest’ as a threat to their own existence and try staying away as much as possible. For a demonstration check out the video given below!

Here is the video for the paper bag trick. Simply brilliant!

Do not attack

If you see a wasp circling around you, do not attack it in any way. Don’t start flinging your arms around as your flinging arms will only make matter worse. It will excite the wasp even more and it will try and approach you more aggressively. Instead, stay calm or slowly walk away.

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