See Here: Single Life vs. Married Life - How many people think this is true?

Single person whether boy or girl leads their life like a lion, carefree, lively and in style. And relationship means cuddling, hugging and lots of fun; while engagement means lots of romance everyone needs romance. But being married is a task of responsibility, responsibility of your spouse, your kids and many other as well.

Before marriage you have your own bed, your own cupboard and whole room is only yours, and it’s your choice to d├ęcor according to you.But when you get married you have to share your bed, you cupboard and your bed too and almost everything except your underpants.

Before marriage it’s your choice how much expensive gift you want to her, but after marriage this is the biggest change your whole salary is ultimately her after all she is the finance minister of your house.

When you are single you have your specific goal like “next year my iPhone, or next year my new car” but when you get marrieds your goals change like this “next year new LED for us, or next year our new car”.

The last one is change in the size of girl and boy into lady and man.
These point are just for fun, because being with a partner is the best thing because your spouse can double the happiness and half the sorrows.

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