See Here: A Pregnant Mom Ignored The Doctor’s Advice And This Is What Happened!!

According to the Daily Mail, Brewer has had several abortions before she got pregnant with triplets and after the birth of her two sons Devon and Drew.

When she got pregnant at first, the scan said that she was pregnant with twins, the scan after that revealed that she was carrying triplets!

As frightening as the number three could be for many parents out there because it is a huge responsibility, Brewer was excited when she knew she was carrying three growing miracles inside of her.

But, the excitement was ruined a little when she received news from her doctor that the third baby might have Down syndrome!

Doctors advised her to take “selective reductions” which is also known as MFPR (multifetal pregnancy reduction), this is a process used to decrease multiple fetuses and minimize the chances of defects and miscarriages.

But Brewer didn’t like the idea and wanted to have her three babies and she thought of them as her blessings.

Going against the doctors and professionals’ advice, she delivered healthy triplets!

She gave birth to a girl and two boys, born at 34 weeks of pregnancy.
Now the family is ready to celebrate their healthy triplets and blessings.

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