See Here: Her whole family is terrified about what her brother does with the 4-year-old. But then she starts speaking herself!

For 7 long years, Archie remains alone. Until one day, a family from Texas finds a picture of him on the internet. The parents, Joey and Lisa Eicher, travel together with their 4-year-old daughter to Bulgaria. They immediately know that this child is their son and brother. They imagine what his life would be like in a country without prejudices. But no one expects what would happen next!

The overjoyed parents share their adoption plans with their friends and family. They are pelted with criticism from all sides. Exactly where the two had expected support! The terrible prejudices deeply disturb the parents.

"Everyone was suddenly an expert and were met with all kinds of questions and concerns," says Lisa sad. She attempts to stand up to every criticism, but what really gets under her skin is when someone bring her little daughter Ace into the situation. The parents are accused of neglecting the girl, for a disabled child requires so much care. They say Ace will be overstrained by the boy, burdened by so much responsibility. Archie would even be a danger to his little sister! These words are like a stab right into Lisa's and Joey's hearts.

But then the little Ace speaks up herself! Watch for yourself what she has to say about her big brother:

These little girl's words go straight to the heart and there is really nothing else to add. When this video also touched you, then share it with everyone you know, for people with Down syndrome deserve to be treated the same as everyone else and all should know that!

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