See Here: He cuts a 2 dollar noodle into 4 parts. When I saw why, I knew that I also had to try it.

We need:

1 hollow pool noodle (at least 3 feet or 1 meter long)

1 set of scissors

Some cord, tether, or rope

1 plastic box

And ice cubes and drinks

First the noodle must be cut into shape. That means cut two pieces as long as length of the box, and two as long as the width of the box.

Then simply lay the pieces around the box as measured. Namely, the long pieces lengthwise and the two shorter pieces widthwise. Thread the cord through the hole in the center of each noodle piece.

To finish, pull the cord tight and tie the ends together. It’s best to leave some extra cord so that you can pull the box through the water with you.

And that’s what this floating minibar looks like! Even if you start your day in the water, the drinks will stay cooler than if they were on land in a cooler with ice. The water provides an extra cooling effect!

It is so cheap to make, but still a pure luxury item for the summer. Here anyone can help themselves to some refreshment when the weather gets hot.

This summer treasure trove is put together at the flick of a wrist and will last for what seems like an eternity. This cooler is amazingly practical and will surely attract the jealous looks of any neighbor. But whoever is noble, will share this trick!

This practical idea will sweeten up everyones summer; so share it with your friends!


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