See Here: Celeb Transformations: There's No Way Nicki Minaj Looked Like That As A Teen!

#1 Nicki Minaj!
No way! Okay, if Minaj can COMPLETELY morph herself in every way, we can too!

#2 Zac Efron
Nerdy little Efron shows us puberty is indeed miraculous.

#3 Harry Styles
Styles had good hair even when young, but who would've thought he'd become the heartthrob driving girls mad?

#4 Lana Del Rey
Holy cow, well we were ALL innocent once too.

#5 Jennifer Lopez
The young Fly Girl grew up to be the the Most Beautiful Woman, said PEOPLE magazine.

#6 Zayn Malik
Same cute smile and sparkly eyes, BUT now everything else makes us speechless over Malik.

#7 Avril Lavigne
The award winning songstress goes from punky pop to glam. . . AND we approve.

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