See Here: 11 Things You Should Know About Women

#1 The Paradox is Real

Women are a walking paradox, use this chart if you need help with the explanation.

#2 Wrong Move, Jack Howard

If men think they have any genitalia-related complaint, stuff a sock in it.

#3 Mi T-Shirt Es Su T-Shirt

You know, what's mine is yours, right? That is relationship 101.

#4 Lesbian Problems

Instead of using the male phrase 'no homo', lesbians might need to start using 'yes homo' on the reg.

#5 If the Undergarments Match, it is Not an Accident

Why go through the time of searching the undie drawer for matching top and bottom when they are virtually all the same otherwise?

#6 Cinderella is Real

We do not completely understand this one, unless it is the picture of just how quickly a lady can make herself go from hot to homely.

#7 True.

Damn fashionistas did it again! Using female logic to rake in even more dough. This is just not fair.

#8 The Mysteries of the Down Under

The land down under, like Australia, is a perilous terrain wrought with fright and terror. The vagina, we mean.

#9 Johnny West, Be More Creepy!

Women loves sweatpants, just as any man does. But for women, it is the sign of ultimate relaxation and not giving a f*ck-itude that represents total liberation.

#10 There Must be SOMETHING Wrong!

No guy is perfect, even though you appear to be. There is a flaw there somewhere, and by god she is going to find it!

#11 The Mystery is Killing Us

Sweater season is the season of sorcery and deception. Reveal yourself, ladies, the suspense is killing us slowly!

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