Read Here: Top 10 Superfoods To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Knowing the main causes of increase in belly fat and following a strict diet with a set routine of physical exercises can help you in your battle against it.


Hormonal changes: hormonal changes in the body, weakens the metabolism resulting in fat accumulation around the belly.

Genes: if it runs in your family, there’s really no way to escape it.

Calorie intake: excessive calorie intake, transforms most of it into fat.

Stress: it’s a human tendency to eat much more in stressful situations.

Lack of sleep: it leads to indigestion which in turn results in gas formation and causes the belly to swell up.

Losing the additional fat is one of the biggest concerns for many of us. To make things easier, here are the top 10 super foods which help in burning fat, faster and without much effort.

1. Almonds

These tiny packets of energy are not only rich in skin-boosting vitamin E and proteins, but their richness in fiber content helps you stay fuller for longer durations and prevent you from overeating.

The MUFAs and Vitamin E in almonds work together to cut cholesterol.

2. Watermelon

This giant fruit contains 91 percent water and helps your hunger stay satisfied for longer durations.

It also removes excess sodium present in the body.

It is rich in Vitamins B1, B6 and C, as well as potassium and magnesium.

1 cup of watermelon contains barely 100 calories, thus making it a great addition to your daily diet on the journey to lose fat.

3. Cucumbers

100 grams of cucumber contains approximately 96 percent water and only about 45 calories.

They are rich in minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers.

Adding cucumber to your daily diet also flushes out the harmful toxins from your system. Therefore it is a great way to lose the fat along with cleansing your system.

4. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are a great source of energy as they are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. They strengthen the metabolism and help in weight loss.

Researchers believe that they may also help in the reduction of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an excellent source of nutrients. They contain a compound known as 9-oxo-ODA that helps reduce lipids in the blood which in turn controls belly fat.

It also fights chronic diseases associated with obesity.


Eggs contain Vitamin B12 which, your body needs to metabolize fat.

They aid quick burning of calories and cause reduction in belly fat.

7. Oatmeal

Oats contain insoluble fiber and some carbohydrates that curb your hunger, give you strength and reduce fat content in your body.

8. Broccoli

Broccoli is high in fiber.

It aids digestion, curbs overeating, prevents constipation and maintains low blood sugar.

9. Beans and legumes

Beans are low-cal and are packed with protein and fiber.

They help you tone up and lose weight. Consuming more beans will help cut down on a lot of saturated fat.

10. Celery

Celery is extremely low in calories, rich in fiber and contains calcium and vitamin C which help in weight loss.

So fill your plate with celery to get a flat stomach.

Adding these super foods in your daily diet along with a good workout regime will have you flaunt your flat tummy in no time!

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