Read Here: Top 10 Best ways to Cheat during an Exam

1) Team up:

This is a way of cheating in school test, which is a bit risky. You can sit next to someone and slide slowly here and there to be able to peep into their paper and just keep writing. This can happen only when you had already teamed up with the buddy from whom you are copying. There are again various other ways of doing these. Some follow code system of knocking on the table. If you have a doubt on question number 4 then knock 4 times on the table, the response from your friend would the number of knocks of right option.

2) Nail art cheat:

This is a trick tact which is beyond imagination for someone to trace. There are miniature art tools using which you can write the context on your own finger and use the power spectacles which will look just as though you have sight and you need spectacles. This is an amazing tool for cheats where there is no way that you can get caught.

3) Old cheats:

This is the most conventional and original idea of cheats in school tests. Pick up a slip write as much as you can, just slip it into your pocket and use it whenever you want. There is no way that it can be traced out as it is too small for that. Most of the people still follow this trick though it is very old and traditional.

4) Girlish cheat:

This is very much specific to girls. This trick best suits the kind of costume a girl wears. This is to write the cheats on thigh and wear a mini skirt so it’s very much covered till the time only you want to see it. This is an absolute safe cheat as many of the professors will not be able to make out that you are taking help of a cheat.

5) Handy cheat:

Using self as a cheat tool is the most implemented tool ever. This is like something 90% of people follows his. This technique is used by men and women both. One just needs to wear a full sleeves shirt as a preparation. Write as much as you can on all the most relevant topics which you are expecting to be a part of you test. This will help you a lot since during the school test, you just need to pull up your sleeves and face your hand towards you and get the hints from there. Usually this is very much used in schools and next level exams as well. Only thing you need to be careful is to ensure that no one is observing your hand.

6) Bottle it up!!:

Bottle cheats is a very effective cheat option which cannot be seen as well as a cheat. It’s very simple to make as well. You just need to take off the label on the bottle. Carefully observe that and then print the same color paper out. Write your exam content on that carefully. You may even prefer printing your content in the format and font of original label. This is a very helpful tact. All that you need is just to keep the bottle facing towards you so that you can see that content.

7) Short msg yet very useful cheat:

This is a very often used tool of cheating. Yet, very rarely caught. Content can be saved as messages or mails. Few examination halls do not allow phone inside the examination room, whereas few allow the phone. If you are in a place where phone is allowed inside, then you may prefer a Bluetooth device which is almost in an inch size and which fits within the ear. This will help you listen to call and write. You may sneak in a minute or two when the professor is not around, and call your friend, give the question details. Even after the professor comes back, you can continue writing because anyone will be able to hardly find out.

8) Secret in ring:

This is a ring where you can save ample information. This ring looks like a design with two books. You just need to have power glass spectacles to be able to see the contents written on this. You can write any amount of information and read as well which makes it a very easy cheat tool. Only constraint is that this can be used only by girls. Being the design is very girlish; men wearing it will look obviously suspicious.

9)Pen Cheater:

This is a pen which comes with a wrapper tucked inside. You can write the content on the paper and tuck it inside. Use it as a spare pen and you can easily peal the paper out and see the content as and when it is required. This is an effective tool where you can easily see the cheats and copy the content without getting caught. This is easy to prepare as well.

10) Try not to cheat at all

No Cheating: Last but not at all the least. There was a study which said that 59% of students admitted that they do cheating in school test. This was a result of an enormous study done on 40,000 students. This explains that we are largely depending on something which is really short term. Remember, scoring well alone doesn’t help you perform in the actual scenario. Only what you have studied, understood will help you implement. There are various techniques where you can win without cheating. You can follow simple maths tricks to ensure you understand the logic behind a problem, instead of copying or re-writing. This will help. The reason why we all need to understand what we are studying instead of a by heart or a copy is because it is true when someone said that as long as we are not able to respect what we are doing , we have to bear the guilt. So instead a bit work hard and get rid of the guilt itself because Guilt is something very heavy to take for a long time.


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