Read Here: She Died While Under The Knife. Then The Doctor Picks Up Her Heart And Does The Unkthinkable

meela Muhammed and her father, Abdulla Muhammed, of Ohio, woke up at 3:30 in the morning after hearing a fight outside of their apartment. They went to investigate and tried to break up the fight. A young woman who was involved in the fight turned on Jameela, stabbing her in the chest. Jameela pulled the knife out of her chest, which broke from the handle. After it broke, she pulled out the rest of the knife.

She was rushed to the hospital where a team of 50 medical professionals in the level one Trauma Center at Grant Medical Center worked furiously to save her life. While she was being worked on, her heart stopped pumping due to the puncture wound it received.

She was dead for several seconds before surgeons began manually pumping Jameela’s heart using their hands, hoping that doing so would help it to begin working on its own. The plan worked, and Jameela’s life was miraculously saved. This maneuver, which the surgical team chose over CPR, is more aggressive but can have better results.

ameela, who is a mom to two young girls, is currently recovering in intensive care. She is in critical condition, but her family is hopeful that she will improve. Her parents are incredibly grateful to the team of doctors and nurses who are responsible for saving her life. Though they are scared of the situation that occurred in their neighborhood, which led to the stabbing, they are optimistic that everything will work out.


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