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For most of us, our hair are an important part of our look. Our makeup, dress, shoes and accessories may be perfect, but if our hairstyle doesn’t click, it leaves a very unsatisfactory feeling. But what is the reason behind your hairstyle not being “perfect”?

The answer is – the shape of your face! We all have different face shapes; some have an oval face, some square and some diamond shaped. Some faces are better suited for long hair while some can easily sport a bob cut. If you’re wondering what hair length would suit you more, then here is a perfectly detailed write-up to help you decide.

First, you need to determine the shape of your face. Here’s how –

Stand before a mirror and keep your head absolutely straight.

Now, place a ruler vertically just below your ear lobe. It should be absolutely straight as any tilting would give you incorrect results.

Similarly, place a pencil horizontally just below your chin in a way that it touches the ruler at an angle of 90.

The measurements on the ruler determined by its intersection with the pencil will determine the shape of your face.


If the measurement on the ruler i.e., distance between your ear lobe and the pencil is greater than 5.7cm then you are better suited for a longer length of hair.

If the measurement is less than 5.7cm then you should be able to sport a shorter hair look.
If this procedure seems a bit too complicated to you, even then there’s nothing to worry about. You can simply analyze the shape of your face, that is, whether it is oval, square, long, round, heart shaped or diamond shaped and consider the following details to zero-in on a hairstyle.

Round face

Those who have a round face should go for styles that give height or with longer lengths and bangs that give your face a slender look.

Diamond shaped face

Medium length hair will definitely suit your perfectly balanced diamond shaped face. Avoid short bangs as they would make your forehead look longer.

Square face

Women with a square shaped face can easily carry off a longer length as opposed to those with a round face. Avoid thick bangs.

Long face

Long hair look fabulous on long faces. Adding layers below the cheekbones or just below the chin will accentuate your features even more. Avoid lengths that end at the chin.

Oval face

Oval faces look super gorgeous with short hair. You can try out different looks with a short length depending on what suits your idea of a perfect look.

Heart shaped

If this shape defines your face, then you should go for chin-length hair as it would show off your well defined cheekbones. Avoid slick-back ponytails.

Heart, long, oval or square, the details above will help you decide what look to sport for the next event!

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