Read Here: Men vs. Women

Men vs. Women, You know these are true....

#1 Biology
You see, men and women are inherently very different

#2 Couldn't Be More True
Women always expect the worst and men are the opposite

#3 Clock With No Hands
A woman's version of 5 mins and a man's version of 5 minutes is usually around an hour or two. Yay! Finally there's something they have in common, may not be the best, but it's something.

#4 Battles And Wars
We all know that women express their emotions more than men do, so when it comes fighting, at times, grudges are held for much longer than men.

#5 Occasional Footwear
It is a must for women to have different shoes for different occasions even if it's to take 2 steps to the left. Men keep it simple and they get away with it.

#6 Metamorphosis Differences
Women have a lot of pressure to look good from the influence of society, so it may take most 1-4 hours to put their face on. Men take about 5-10 minutes. Impressive.

#7 Entrances And Exits
It is in a man's DNA to want to do the nasty whenever he can, but for a woman it all depends on what mood she's in, but it's always an option to put her in that mood.

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