Read Here: How to Dress for Your Body Shape

If you’re thinking yes, then the next question that arises now is how do you know what will look good on you? Your ‘body type’ is the answer! Women come in different shapes and sizes and therefore, one dress cannot look perfect on everyone. The key here, is to analyze and understand your body type. There are majorly four body types-

The hourglass figure

Curvaceous, with a well defined waist and usually equal hip and bust measurements is the hourglass figure. This is one of the least common body types found in women. Just by looking in the mirror you can determine whether or not you have an hourglass figure as, in this body type the hip line and bust line are usually the same width.

The straight figure (Rectangle body)

The straight figure, also known as the rectangle body type is defined with very less definition between bust, hip and waist measurements. This body type can carry off most outfits.

The apple figure (Circle figure)

The apple figure is not as curvy as the hourglass figure. Women with this body type tend to carry most of the weight at the mid section without a well defined waist.

The pear shaped figure (Triangular body)

Also known as the triangular body type, the pear shaped figure is defined with a heavier hip as compared to the bust.
Once you’ve successfully identified your body type, the next step is to understand what suits you more. With the help of the following tips for different body types you will able to choose the best option for you.

For the hourglass figure

Since you already have a body that most women would love to have, your main concern would be to accentuate your curves. Focus most of your attention to your waist. Wear classy belts to highlight that perfectly thin waist. You can also experiment with crop tops, pencil skirts, wraps and dresses with adjustable belts to flaunt your perfectly feminine body. Avoid wearing loose clothes.

For the straight figure

Try out clothes that make you look curvy. Go for frills and layered dresses as they give you certain volume and create an illusion of curves. Since your biggest assets are your thin toned legs, go for miniskirts or leggings. Avoid low rise jeans and trouser, and loose clothes.

For the apple figure

Wear dresses that accentuate your upper body curves. Experiment with dresses with different neck lines. Clothes should fit loosely around the mid section to cover up the heavy waist. Try working out a wardrobe with tunics, straight pants, blousy tops and empire waist tops. Avoid anything that draws attention to the waist line.

For the pear shaped figure

With your hips being heavier than your torso, you must avoid skinny jeans and pants, pencil or fishtail skirts and tube dresses. You may go for tailored jackets, wide bottom pants and boat neck tops as they shift the focus from your heavier section to other parts of the body. You can also go for an A-line skirt to avoid looking too triangular.

Next time you go for shopping, keep these details in mind and follow the tips to get your perfect choices for the wardrobe.

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