Read Here: 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries - Find Out Which Celebs REALLY Paid The Price!

If you want a bigger butt or an injection that will make your lips look like you got stung by a bee, you can do it! But if you want it done correctly, you better go to a place like Beverly Hills instead of Tijuana, Mexico. A lot of people have made that mistake in an effort to save money.

So which celebrities emptied out their checkbooks in order to go under non-essential surgery, when most Americans can’t even afford medication? Here are the biggest plastic surgery splurges (splurgeries, if you will) that celebs have done to themselves.

#1 – Jocelyn Wildenstein ($2 Million)

There probably isn’t a day in her life that the ‘socialite’ Jocelyn Wildenstein (also known as “Catwoman”) doesn’t get asked “what in the world happened to you?” What happened was a series of unnecessary plastic surgeries that spanned the course of a few decades, racking up bills worth over $2 million. After all of these surgeries, the end result has made Wildenstein look more like a nightmarish version of a cat than a person.

Jocelyn has had so many surgeries that listing them all would just be a waste of your time, but just know that she has had her eyelids stretched to the side of her face. She has also had surgery on her lips that makes her look like Heath Ledger’s version of “The Joker”. Except Jocelyn doesn’t have an interesting backstory like “The Joker”, she just married into a rich family. Her ex-husband Alec Wildenstein got the last laugh, putting a clause in their initial $2.5 billion divorce settlement (plus an extra $100 million per year) that absolutely no money is to be used for plastic surgery.

#2 – Vivica Fox ($26,085)

Vivica Fox was never really an A-list star, even during her most relevant period. Fox wanted to stay at least somewhat relevant and young looking, so she opted to go under the knife. The procedures Fox had were Botox injections, lip injections, jaw implants, a facelift and breast implants.

You know, just for fun, let’s take a look at a list of cars that came out in 2014 that cost less than Fox’s surgeries. Mazda Miata, Fiat 500 Abarth, Scion FR-S, Ford Fiesta and the Jeep Wrangler. Those aren’t bad cars and will probably last longer than jaw implants. Just remember that.

#3 – Lil’ Kim ($19,625)

A lot of people don’t recognize Lil’ Kim these days, since she looks more like a white muppet than the African-American rapper we were used to seeing in the 1990’s. Lil’ Kim had five operations done while disappearing from the limelight and came back very differently.

Among Lil’ Kim’s procedures were; a skin bleach (thus creating the white effect), lip injections, a nose job, liposuction and breast implants. When it was all said and done, Lil’ Kim ended up having more plastic surgeries than hit singles over the last 15 years. She still has a decent net worth of $18 million, though.

#4 – Nadya “Octomom” Suleman ($12,810)

At one point, we were all sick of hearing about Octomom. Instead of getting pregnant in the natural way, Nadya Suleman was assisted by a team of doctors in order to become pregnant with octuplets. Octomom did this mainly because she’s an absolute nut who needed to surround herself with children.

Most moms want to look good after having children, so having eight can really do a number on the body. Surgery was probably a very necessary thing for Nadya in one area, but a waste of cash elsewhere. The Octomom spent $5,900 on vaginal rejuvenation, and nearly $7,000 on a nose job and lip injections.

#5 – Nicki Minaj ($11,500)

At one point, Nicki Minaj looked like a normal girl hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. These days, she is looking more like a strange hybrid between about four different ethnicities and a Barbie Doll. But Nicki’s new look hasn’t stopped her from being massively popular thanks to songs that are essentially about sex and drugs— without any actual musical instruments being played.

Nicki spent $11,500 on three different surgeries to establish her new appearance. The cheapest one was a skin bleaching to make her skin look lighter. The most expensive one was a nose job that made the tip of her nose point down instead of up. The other major procedure Nicki had done was the oddest. She spent over $5,000 to get silicone implants in each buttocks. Now, Nicki shakes her prosthetic butt around for everyone to see.


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