However, there are some herbs which can help you shed those extra kilos and also help revive your health. Combining the perfect herb for yourself with your on-going weight loss regime will give you faster and more successful results. However, you must choose the most perfect herb for yourself depending on what suits you more. Here are the 10 best herbs –


Sage is a well known herb that helps in lowering blood sugar levels, decreases blood pressure and reduces anxiety. It not only cause weight loss but also promotes over-all health. It also keeps the hormone levels in control furthermore aiding weight loss.


Commonly used in Italian dishes, oregano is a strong anti-oxidant. It keeps the digestive system healthy and quick and aids the flushing out of excessive toxins from the body. It prevents emotional eating, bloating and constipation and helps in effective weight loss.
Gurmar leaves

Gurmar leaves have been used over the ages as an ayurvedic medicine for treating obesity. It also works as a stimulant for metabolism and can temporarily block the ability to taste sweets helping in controlling the craving to eat something sweet.

Coleus forskohlii
It has been in use since ancient times for ayurvedic purposes. Its component, forskolin, boosts the metabolism and stimulates the function of the thyroid, thus helping in reducing weight. It is extra useful for men, because increases the levels of testosterone, which is beneficial for men who try to lose some weight.


Peppermint is mostly known for its uses in digestive treatments. But a lesser known fact about it is that it is extremely useful for weight loss. It also flushes out excessive water and toxins from the body. It prevents emotional eating by reducing stress.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is essentially useful in keeping the liver clean by removing the toxic wastes from it. As a result of it, a clean liver improves the metabolism rate and burns calories at a much better rate resulting in effective weight loss.


Spearmint helps in balancing the levels of estrogen which in turn controls the amount of fat stored in the body. More estrogen means more fat stored. Therefore, spearmint helps in weight loss by controlling the hormone levels.


It is component found in most stamina building medicines. It provides more energy to the body and boosts metabolism thus, aiding weight loss. It also helps in enhancing memory.


Guggul is a very old herb and is thus not commonly heard of. According to studies, it is beneficial for those suffering from thyroid. It also keeps the rate of metabolism in check. A healthy metabolism rate means a healthy body with a controlled weight.

Yerba mate

The yerba mate is a perfect herb with amazing stimulus effects. It’s most effective to drink it in the morning and can be used to replace the morning coffee. It increases your energy levels and improves metabolism. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and amino acids which are great promoters of weight loss.

Understand the uses of the herbs individually and consult your physician if need be to figure out the best option for you.

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