OMG!! Cockroach Found Living In Man’s Ear And Has Given Birth To 25 Baby Roaches Inside

Mr. Li, the nineteen-year-old man from southern China, woke up in the middle of the night because of an itchy and painful feeling in his ear.The next morning, Mr. Li went to the hospital to have his ear check, the doctors examined his ear and was horrified to discover an entire cockroach family living in his ear canal.
A 0.3 inches long cockroach together with 25 baby cockroaches were later extracted from Mr. Li's ear.
Doctors believed that a pregnant cockroach made a cozy home in Mr. Li's ear canal weeks before laying her eggs.
26 cockroaches in total were removed from the man's ear. Luckily the uninvited lodgers were removed immediately, if not doctors told him that his ear might have been destroyed.

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