Must Watch: How to Do Barbie Doll MakeUp Transformation

First step to look fair and flawless like a Barbie is to apply primer all over your face.

Use a light skin tone base to get the beautiful skin color like a Barbie

For contacts you can use a blue one.

Highlight and contour to highlight and make your features shine.

Keep blending in using a fluffy brush.

Use a light blush on to give your cheeks a hint of pink.

Using a pencil highlighter, highlight your eyelid shape right to the tear duct.

Bring on the shimmer by using a shimmery shadow of your choice.

Line the corners of your lower water line with a white eye liner.

Using a brown liner, create the illusion of the crease on the lid. Blend it in using a brush.

Just above the crease, add another line of a pink liner with a shadow just like your Barbie has.

Line the lower lid with a brown liner.

Draw your black liner like a winger one.

Like the video, carefully draw the lower lashes and brush your brows and place your fake lashes.

Using a lip pencil, draw a heart shaped mouth which is the classic Barbie look.

Finish your look with a classy Barbie wig!

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