Learn Here: Manicure Tutorial Step By Step

Use of multiple colors in a single nail, different designs like butterflies, flowers, etc. But if you choose to look simple and elegant, and want a nail art which suits almost you’re every dress, then your colors are black and white. Now the matter of fact is how making a design only with these two colors. Follow these simple steps.

☛ Paint your nail with white color; take it as a base coat. Try to be as smooth as possible for a superb finishing.

☛ Now take three strips, stick them on your painted nail. Distance between the three stripes is equivalent.

☛ Now paint your nail with black color; this is your top coat. And now remove the strips one by one.

☛ Now you are done with your nail art.

A Few things you should keep in mind are that don’t follow any step further till your nail paint became dry. And Nothing is more beautiful than you.

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