20 Guys Who Got Friendzoned Forever

When Only One Gets Friend Zoned

[See Here: 20 Guys Who Got Friendzoned Forever]

When a girl who you want to hook up with declares you to be 'just a friend', means you are friend zoned. Once you enter "the zone" there is no escaping! Guys beware of getting too comfortable with someone. Girls always say 'let's just be friends'. This 'let's just be friends' may ruin your life. There are three reasons that you may get friend zoned.

1. When You Become Her Friend Knowing You Want More

2. When You Fall In Love After Being Her Friend

3. When She Won't Date You Because She Sees You Only As A Friend From The Start

So, guys, next time do not tell any girl that you are her friend otherwise you will be stuck in a friend zone. Read More...

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