What 14 Hunters Filmed On Their Trail Cameras Will Give You Nightmares

1. A spectre child

We’ve all seen a suspicious looking photo that one person or another thinks contains a ghost. Very rarely visible to the naked eye, it seems they love a photobomb more than anything else.

It’s scary when people claim to see them, but it’s even creepier when motion-activated trail cameras pick them up. Purely because you’re probably asleep and these beasties are roaming around while you’re utterly clueless, and defenceless.

Here are 14 harrowing images that were filmed on trail cameras by hunters. Beware, Viral Thread take absolutely no responsibility for your terrible nightmares.


3. What is watching that deer?!

4. A lost child raised by deer?!

5. God I hope this is a real person

6. Demon anyone?

7. This looks suspiciously like a ghost party

8. It’s coming to eat your soul

9. Is this proof that bigfoot exists?

10. Creepy as fu*k

11. This photo and the one below were taken moments apart

12. What on earth is that thing?

13. Fingers crossed it’s only the flying squirrel that spooked the deer

14. The grim bloody reaper is out and about

Well that’s me sleeping in my parent’s bed for the next week, fucking hell. Genuinely, some of those photos are enough to give battle hardened war veterans nightmares, let alone little old me. If there was ever a question as to why some people don’t like camping outdoors, then this answers it. But if you are looking for really terrifying news closer to home, then check out the insane footage of the Tianjin explosion.
Source: http://www.viralthread.com/what-14-hunters-filmed-on-their-trail-cameras-will-give-you-nightmares/?utm_rcreplace_39=3221

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