Two-Week-Old Baby Was Abandoned By Her Parents After Being Born With Rare Skin Condition

When you hear that baby being abandoned by their parents because of their physical condition, it will be the most painful news to hear. Some heartless people easily deserted their child as if they were nothing.

A two-week-old baby girl who isn’t named yet, was only 800 grams and was born with a rare skin condition. Because of this, the infant’s mother and father refused her at the hospital. However, her paternal grandfather willing to look after her despite her condition.
He believes that the child’s condition is not her fault and he only wishes for her to get better and live a normal life.
The cost of the child’s treatment is expected to be around 500,000 Rupees. Wadia Hospital in Mumbai agreed to arranged and also provide acommodation in the premises for both of them.

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