This Woman Grabs A Pair Of Scissors and Starts Cutting Into Her Bra. The Reason? Brilliant!

[Watch Video: This Woman Grabs A Pair Of Scissors and Starts Cutting...]

Today’s bra, has been around in it’s most primitive form since the time of ancient Greece. Known as an “apodesmos/mastodeton”, the Greek women used a band of wool or linen which they wrapped across their chest and tied in the back. When supportive bones were placed in it by the English in the late 1800’s, the term brassiere was coined. It became known as a bra in the U.S. in 1914.

At one point or another, most women have found the need for a bra, although some have rejected it’s use due to discomfort or on principle. For those women who wear a bra this video provides a great service. It cleverly shows you how to take a bra you already own, and with great ease, make it backless. Read More...

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