This Mom Gives Up Her Beautiful Daughter For Adoption. The Reason Will Move You to Tears!

Many people have negative feelings towards parents that give their baby for adoption.We should support mothers that give their children up for adoption.
It provides the child with a better chance at life. Adoption doesn't imply ones avoidance of responsibility. But, it does show how much a mother loves their child, so much so that they are willing to give them up to have a better life.

Here also the same thing happens with a lady name Amber.Amber was a single mother with two children when she became pregnant with her third, a baby girl.Erin and Mike's are family friend and they are in good relationship so Amber decided to give her daughter to them.Erin and Mike were the couple that was perfect to adopt her baby girl. She made one of the hardest decisions a mother could possibly make simply because she wanted the best for her child.

Here you can see the full story of Amber

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