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Smiling animals: The happiest creatures in the Animal Kingdom

Smiling true seal
They say a smile is contagious! flip a standard, simply okay day into a good day by looking for the happiest creatures within the kingdom … There’s lots to like concerning associate degree lovable true seal chuckling mirthfully to himself whereas perked on a rock.

Smiling pig.
If this chuckling baby shoat doesn’t have you ever screaky “aww,” we have a tendency to don’t grasp what is going to. He positive loves being tickled!

Smiling native bear
The only issue cuter than a snuggly koala bear? A snuggly koala that can’t stop smiling! This lovable marsupial should be having some additional sweet dreams as he naps in a very tree on Aug. 1, 2013. crust OSSINGER

Smiling baby panda
Wee! This three-month-old panda couldn’t be any further excited to face the busy day prior to him.

Smiling cheetahs
Can you say aww? This proud chetah mother and her 8-week-old cub area unit thus loveable they need U.S. seeing spots.

Smiling baby pongid
Yakini, a newborn pongid, gets a examination from Royal Children’s Hospital infant specialist Neil Campbell at the Melbourne installation in Australia, and is stunned by the cold medical instrument.

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