See Now : Sleeping Positions To Stay Healthy: Ten Best And Worst Ways To Sleep During The Night

Sleeping on your back

Some doctors say it is the best sleeping position for your neck because it keeps your neck straight and no such significant force is imposed on it. When you are lying on your back, the spine gets the better support and it doesn’t cause back pain. This position doesn’t require pillow because your neck is resting in natural position. One of the major drawbacks of this sleeping position is that snoring is more prominent in this.

Sleeping on your stomach

If you are having sleep apnea, then definitely this position is going to help you great because when the tummy is under, your breathing doesn’t find any obstruction and it goes so clear. One of the drawbacks of sleeping on the tummy is that it will cause the flattening of spine which is also not considered so good. It will cause you lower back pain.

Sleeping on your side

Majority of people have reported their sleeping in this posture. Sidewise sleeping can be either in fold or straight in one line. Doctors have mentioned it as better for blood circulation in heart hence it is good for pregnant women and their child. This position can put extra force on the stomach and lever which will cause digestion problems.

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