After all, a zit—especially one so huge—wouldn’t stay in one place, un-moving, for so long, right? Wrong! Not only was the mass on this 11-year-old’s ear not scar tissue, but it was a massive puss-filled cyst. This takes zit-popping to a whole new level.

When you think of a cyst that’s six years old, building up puss for so long, you’d think it would belong to someone older and wiser. Instead, it belongs to YouTuber Kris Honey’s 11-year-old daughter.

A Lump
She had the lump on her ear since she was only a few years old. Her mom just assumed that it was scar tissue. But the 11-year-old wanted it gone and took matters into her own hands.

“What do I know?”
As she starts squeezing the cyst, her mom explains, “She said it needs to pop and I was like, ‘No, it’s scar tissue.’ What do I know?”

As she squeezes on each side of the massive cyst, a steady stream of yellowish puss falls out of it like a fountain. It looks like a thin yellow string.

You’d think that after squeezing out so much puss, the cyst would have reduced in size quite a bit. Not so! It doesn’t even look like she’s made a dent in that thing.

The 11-year-old periodically stops to wipe off the stream of puss. When she has a look at the aftermath in the tissue, she asks, “Is that seriously what it looks like?”

Not Done
Just when you think it must be over, she’s able to squeeze out so much more. After one good squeeze, lasting no more than a few seconds, she was able to extract this much puss.

Let Me Try
Moms always think they know best. Kris hands the phone to her daughter and tries her hand at squeezing out the puss. But, in this instance she had no idea what she was doing. When she couldn’t get anything out of there, she handed things back to her daughter.

A Trooper
Throughout the whole cyst-popping adventure, the 11-year-old little girl is a trooper and handles it like a pro. The only time she shows her age is when she squeals, “Eww! It got in my hair!”

A Cyst, Not a Zit
Kris says that she wishes she would have gotten to this while it was still a zit, but that’s not how cysts work. They’re actually deeper than zits and are a puss-filled sac. It will remain under the skin, refilling with puss, unless it’s completely excised by a doctor.

Biggest Zit Cyst Pop Ever {Gross Pimple Popping}
Have a fascination with zit-popping videos? Well, this cyst has them all beat. Check out the original video below,

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