See Now: How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

Square Shape:
The square nail shape may be right for strong impression. You should have longer nails to do this shape. If your nails are too short, square tips can make your fingers look stubby.You’re serious and hard-headed.These people are leaders, strong, skillful and brave.

Squoval Shape:
It is one of the most flattering styles for all nail types.The end of the nail should be flat but with the corners shorter than the middle of the tip.It is a very popular shape.These having Mild character, precise, imaginative and creative. This people generally get along with everybody.

Oval/Rounded Shape:
Oval or rounded nails are one of the more popular shapes. The length of the nail is undisturbed on the sides, but the tip is rounded completely with no straight or blunt end.You have a serious attitude but good-natured moments all the more pleasant and fun for everyone around you.

Almond Nails Shape:
Mark the center of the tip of your nail and file it gently from each side toward that mark. If you have short fingers, this style of nail can help them look much longer.These having honest, friendly, and faithful nature. You’re polite but firm when it’s needed. People enjoy spending time with you. You’re good at handling difficult situations.

Stiletto Nails Shape:
The stiletto nails shape having almond style but does not leave a flat, rounded tip. Incredibly pointy nails are a real hit these days. This people are relaxed, unique, positive and reasonable.


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