See Now: California Is Dumping Millions Of Plastic Balls Into Their Last Source Of Water, The Reason Behind Is Mind-Blowing

The difference between the water levels in the Bidwell Marina in 2011 and 2014 is one antagonizing and scary scene to see.
California Department of Water Resources / Getty Images

The vast water of the lake is turning into a deep empty pit.
California Department of Water Resources / Getty Images

Brilliantly, the state has come up with an ingenious and interesting idea to protect their remaining precious water in their reservoir.

They decided to fill their reservoirs with 96 million black weighted plastic balls in order to prevent further evaporation.

The idea of using ‘shad balls’ came from Dr Brian White, a now-retired LADWP biologist, after observing ‘bird balls’ in ponds along airfield runways.

These shade balls are designed to help block the sun and prevent further evaporation of 300 million gallons of water. It is believed that the shaded balls will help protect the water against dust, rain, chemicals, wildlife, and decrease algae build up. And this will also prevent chlorine from turning into carcinogenic compound bromate.

The Environmental Protection Agency has commanded that all reservoirs be covered, in Los Angeles the rest of California. Thus this cost-effective technique had save millions of dollars to cover the 175-acre facility while saving millions of gallons of water each year.

Watch the video

This technique should be done in all affected countries. Brilliant, isn’t it?


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