See Now: 20 Insanely Awkward Airport Security Moments

sometimes embarrassing security measures at airports. Fortunately for those of us sitting comfortably at home, we get to see those moments captured on camera and laugh, smug in the knowledge that no one needs to fondle our junk in the name of national security today.


1. You think you’re a free, proud man. That is until some neckbeard is kneeling before you watching you drop trou while a line of future victims stare in anticipation…

2. No one seems impressed that the TSA can temporarily heal grandmas long enough to rob them of their spare change and dignity.

3. The look on her face says it all. This TSA agent is just another typical guy – no dinner, no manners, and just rushing to third base.

4. He seems really perplexed by his findings, needs more time to examine this potential hottie…er threat.

5. The reaction seems a little delayed, but the “oh no you didn’t!” is captured perfectly.

6. I see you’re a Michigan fan, is it true what they say about wolverines?

7. So you’re saying I can have legs like this by spending a little more time on the stairclimber and stationary bike?

8. This guy was looking for Mini-Me’s tripod. That or checking his diaper. Unclear.

9. I guess she hasn’t gotten this much action in a while…

10. I don’t care how long you’re gone, call me. There was a spark here, don’t forget me.

11. The poor man is just lost in wondering where his life went so wrong…

12. She looks like she just got paralyzed by the one-inch punch.

13. No, slower. And if you want this to work, you need to look me in the eyes.

14. I told you if you cooperated, I wouldn’t hurt you. You made me do that. This is much better now, isn’t it?

15. If you don’t mind, these are the perfect size for me to practice my bongo playing skills on…

16. Woah woah! Wait. I think I left my wedding ring up there.

17. You know, if you would just wear a bra, I wouldn’t have to sit here holding these up all day.

18. The obvious muscle groping wouldn’t be so bad if the dude could just keep his tongue in his mouth.

19. The TSA’s sole purpose seems to be removing everyone’s pants as publicly as possible.

20. Some people just enjoy the touchy-feely, public-display-of-affection relationships they develop at the airport.

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