See 8 Easy Lipstick Hacks That Look Amazing

1. Get Fuller Lips
Use a lip-liner and lipstick that's close in to the shade of your lipstick.Avoid going outside of your natural lip line at the corners of the mouth. Blend lipstick color well over the lip-liner.
2. Custom Lip Gloss Color
Don't throw out a bad shade of lipstick. You can make a new lipstick using the other ones.Just mix colors together first on a sheet of wax paper, then blend in a clear gloss and transfer into a container.
3. Apply Red lipstick correctly
You should apply a primer to your lips with a white or nude color before applying the red lip-color. After that Your lips will pop-out in a crowd.
4. Refresh your makeup
If you carry lipstick in your purse for refreshing your makeup, then you should have a covered brush. It makes applying lipstick so much easier and nice.
5. Lipstick On Your Teeth
Sometimes when you apply lipstick you also wear it in your pearly whites. To avoid this after applying lip-color put a finger in your mouth, press your lips together and pull your finger out. This removes excess color on the inside of your lips.
6. The Perfect Lips Direction
Follow the direction of the lip liner diagram to get the most natural-looking lips.
7. Lipstick All Gone
Have you noticed there's still a bit of lipstick down in the tube? Scrape out the last bits with a cotton swab stick, and mix it with Vaseline or lip gloss in a lipstick palette. Use a lip brush to apply.
8. Longer Lasting Lip-color
For long lasting lips just have A bit of pressure with a tissue + powder and your lipstick color last ALL day and night.

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