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Fans are not devoid of creativity: their excellent intellectual abilities allow a new way to look at even most ordinary things.


These are romantics and dreamers of a subtle nature. They are vulnerable, sometimes even too much, but try to cherish other people’s feelings. They value honesty and sincerity in friends, and will never refuse to discuss what is going on in their soul. They often chose profession or creative sphere, where knowledge of psychology is needed, because their interest in people is inexhaustible.


Fans love colorful impressions, noisy parties, dancing and going to the restaurant. Their element – publicity, they try to turn every day into a small holiday. These bright characters feel at ease in large companies, they joke successfully and often give rise to gossip about their busy personal life. Optimistic and easy-going, it’s always fun with them. Their main enemy – is the monotony, and the main danger – to succumb to the charms of a dishonest person. However, they aren’t able to be down for a long time and handle well any problems in a comfortable environment.


In life they tend to reasonable compromises, are rational and balanced. They know how to maneuver between extremes and contradictions of life, not getting into conflict and at the same time remaining true to their principles. They appreciate comfort and will likely select a convenient and expensive car, they will prefer vacation in a five star hotel to extreme tourism and will equip the apartment with the latest technology to simplify their life. Most of all, they appreciate reliability in relationships with friends and loved ones and cannot stand lies and innuendo. Having analytical mind, they often choose to work in business, finance or statistics.


Energetic characters, who don’t know how to wait. They are temperamental, curious, able to be passionately involved in both ideas and people. They are able to perfectly defend their own interests, don’t avoid disputes and express their opinions directly. Their hot blood and desire to tell the truth sometimes can cost them dearly. However, they believe that it’s worth it, and don’t get particularly upset. The main thing for them is to believe in something, to save the state of enthusiasm: as long as they have their goal in front of them, such people can move mountains.


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