Read Here: This 10-Year-Old Girl Thought It Was A Stomach Ache. But The Reason Was Unbelievable

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
The incident came under light in South East Brazil when a 10-year-old girl complained to her teachers about a severe stomach ache. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital without wasting time.

It happened here
The doctors gave a shocking news which left the girl's mother startled. She was in her seventh month of pregnancy.

Nobody could believe!
Her mother and family claimed that they never noticed her bulging belly and never took her stomach aches that seriously.

It was later discovered by the policemen that she was raped by her ex-step father who is aged 40. Also, this man threatened her to kill members of her family if she tells this to anyone.

What a shame for the rapist!
He later confessed the crime! Share and make people more careful in their lives to keep from such incidents!!

Despite the girl’s age, the baby was delivered safely. The step father later confessed to the crime and has been charged with child rape and illegal possession of firearms.

This incident proves to us why it is important to educate your child about accepted social behavior and to encourage them to be more open with their parents about things that bother them.

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