Read Here: How Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach Can Save You

Every doctor in the world would suggest you to drink plenty of water, but when is the right time to drink it? Nobody tells you that. Here is the answer – ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. Yes, you got that right! There is evidence proving that drinking water on an empty stomach can be amazingly helpful in curing a number of diseases. It is commonly known as The Japanese Water Therapy as this technique of living a healthy lifestyle originated from Japan.

Here’s how it is done-

Drink 4 glasses (640 ml) of water immediately after waking up, even before brushing.

Now you can brush your teeth, but do not eat anything for the next 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes, you can have your normal breakfast.

After every meal, do not eat or drink for at least 2 hours.

Those who are unable to drink 4 glasses of water due to sickness may start from 2 glasses and then gradually move on to 4.

According to the Japanese tradition, the water should be slightly warm and not cold or at room temperature. This practice of drinking water on an empty stomach should be done regularly, and different time frames are predicted to treat, improve or control different conditions-

High blood pressure - 30 days

Diabetes - 30 days

Gastritis - 10 days

Constipation - 10 days

Tuberculosis - 90 days

Cancer - 180 days

People suffering from arthritis should do this treatment only 3 days in their first week and then give it a break for a week after which they can do it daily.

This treatment has no side effects, however in the commencement of this treatment you may have to urinate several times during the day. It is best if we make it a part of our daily routine for the rest of our lives as water is the cure for everything! Stay hydrated, stay healthy!

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