Read Here: 16 Reasons You Should Never Visit Australia If You Love Your Life

2. Get ready to be blown out of your wits!

3. Pythons larger than three street dogs put together!

4. Python in a clothes store (and definitely not there for shopping)!

5. Snakes crawling out of the commode! You can't even shit in peace!

6. Snakes doing Undertaker's choke slam.. or whatever!

7. Snakes snakes everywhere! Even the golf courses!

8. 'Snakes On Plane' was probably inspired by something like this in Australia!

9. Huge flying carriers of deadly viruses!

10. You thought sharks were dangerous? Here's a Dingo. Dingoes eat sharks. Dingoes live in Australia! You get the picture, right?

11. But the Dingoes don't eat all the sharks. Some still live to terrorize humans there!

12. Great Whites riding the wave!

13. Huge saltwater crocodiles!

14. Crocodiles in a swimming pool too!

15. Crocodiles dwelling in creeaks!

16. Cars, buses, bicycles... and crocodiles on the streets!


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