Problems On The Face Indicate Problems With The Health!

“MIEN SHIANG” literally means face reading, or face mapping. Traditional Chinese medicine firmly believes that our face reveals more about our body than we tend to think.

Every part of our face represents a particular organ in our body. When problems arise in certain areas, for example the chin, they show us that we have other health problems that need to be solved, or so Chinese medicine claims.

Any imbalance in your skin, like acne, rashes, skin sensitivity, inflammation, redness, wrinkles and pigmentation, could be indicative of an underlying issue.

1. Ears – Kidneys

Cause: Too much salt intake, lack of water, and too much spice and caffeine intake can affect this area.

Solution: Drink more water and reduce caffeine, salt, and spice intake.

2. Forehead – Bladder, Heart, and Small Intestine

Cause: Greasy foods lead to a slow and overloaded digestive system. Excessive consumption of alcohol, going to bed late, and consuming too much sugar will also prevent proper digestion and cause chaos when it comes to maintaining your skin’s health. Dirty hats, too many hair care products, and stress can also cause these problems.

Solution: Eat healthy raw food, drink plenty of clean water, avoid alcohol, and get plenty of rest and sleep.

3. The area between and on the sides of your eyebrows – Liver

Cause: You are probably allergic to certain foods, such as wheat or meat. It can also indicate that your digestive system works too much and is not getting enough rest.

Solution: When it comes to improving this kind of health state, the following things are recommended: fresh air, tranquility, healthy and fresh foods, exercise (such as yoga), brisk walking, and meditation.

4. Under your eyes – Kidneys

Cause: Excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption.

Solution: Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sweetened drinks. Drink lots of clean water. Frequently check if you are sufficiently hydrated.

6. Nose and the nose area – Heart

Cause: Bloating, constipation, indigestion, gas, and poor circulation. Also, high blood pressure can cause problems in this area of your face.

Solution: Check your blood pressure to make sure it is within the acceptable range. Organic green tea will help to remove toxins, but moderate daily exercise will also improve this health condition.

7. Lower face area – Lungs

Cause: Asthma, smoking, and pollution will all affect this area. Also, this is the area where dark circles might occur.

Solution: Make sure you are away from polluted air, smoke, smog, etc. Be sure to increase your intake of oxygen. If you smoke, you need to quit smoking. Physical activity in the fresh air is also highly recommended. Remember to also stay away from spicy and oily food.

8. Cheeks – Lungs and Stomach

Cause: Stress, unhealthy diet, stomach problems, indigestion, smoking, too much sugar, or possible allergies.

Solution: You will need to eliminate certain foods from your diet and to make sure you use quality natural cosmetics, suitable for your skin. Materials, such as pillowcases and mobile phones, may also be the cause. Make sure everything you touch is clean.

9. Mouth area – Colon

Cause: A diet rich in fat, sugar, and stimulants, such as caffeine and alcohol. This area is most affected by seasonal food. Sitting up late at night and stress can also lead to a hormonal imbalance.

Solution: A detox diet will help you clean out your body and maintain balance. Eat plenty of dark green vegetables and drink large quantities of water. If the problems continue, consult your doctor.

10. Jaw, chin, neck – Hormones, Gynecological Problems

Cause: This may mean your body is fighting bacteria, stress, and lifestyle or diet changes.

Solution: Get some fresh air and exercise. Yoga and meditation will also help.


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