Press A Finger And Pay Attention To Your Back Pain… Now See What Happens

It’s the ancient Japanese art of mending, using pressure points to achieve harmony in your body.When you pressing then each finger corresponding to a different symptom.
We will show you the symptoms of pressing each finger.

1. Putting pressure on the Thumb
It will bring harmony to your stomach and relieve anxiety, nervousness, depression, skin problems, headaches, stomach aches, and the feeling of being constantly ill.

2. Putting pressure on the Index Finger
It will bring harmony to your kidneys, bladder and relieve muscle cramps, back pain, tooth aches, digestive tract problems, and feelings of apprehension.

3. Putting pressure on the Middle Finger
It will bring harmony to your liver, nerves and relieve cardiovascular health, menstrual pain, vision problems, headaches, and feelings of anger and uncertainty.

4. Putting pressure on the Ring Finger
It will bring harmony to your lungs, digestive and organs relieves breathing problems, digestive problems, ringing in the ears, and feelings of distress.

5. Putting pressure on the Little Finger
It will bring harmony to your heart and relieves throat pain,flatulence, issues with bones, feelings of tension, anxiety and loneliness.


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