OMG!! A Woman Gives Birth While Being Taken To The Delivery Room - What Happened Next Will Shock You

The Terrible Moment A Woman Gives Birth While Being Taken To The Delivery Room, But The Baby Dies After Being Dragged Under Her Wheel Chair Because No One Noticed.
The baby boy suffered fatal head injuries when he was pulled along on his head for several feet before nurses finally noticed.
The baby dragged on his head along the floor, as oblivious nurses continue pushing his mother down the hall before they noticing a trail of blood.

See the full story here:

1. The mother is being wheeled into surgery when she gives birth to the boy, left, without medical staff at the hospital in central China noticing.
2. The baby is still attached by the umbilical cord when he is dragged on his head down the corridor.
3. Medical staff rushed to the baby’s aid after discovering a trail of blood behind the wheelchair.
4. The baby suffered fatal head injuries and died soon after from intracranial hematomas.
5. The baby’s family is now planning to sue the hospital in Luoyang City in central China.

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